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RFID for warehouse logistics

RFID greatly enhances warehouse logistics by providing real-time visibility, improving inventory management, optimizing operations, increasing accuracy and enabling data-driven decision-making. It streamlines the flow of goods and information, leading to greater efficiency, reduced costs and improved customer satisfaction. Step into the future of retail logistics with RFID, where possibilities are boundless, and success is within your grasp!

Accurate order picking

RFID can significantly improve the accuracy of order picking in supply chain operations. By leveraging RFID technology, businesses can also minimize errors, enhance efficiency, and reduce costs associated with order discrepancies and returns.

Distribution Efficiency

RFID tags are attached to pallets, bins, or individual items and can be automatically scanned and identified by RFID readers as they move through different stages of the supply chain. 

Realtime Order Tracking

RFID provides enhanced visibility into the movement of goods throughout the supply chain. By using RFID readers and sensors at key checkpoints, such as loading docks, transit points, or store shelves, businesses can track the progress and location of products in real-time. 

Outbound Registration

RFID technology can greatly enhance the outbound registration process in the supply chain, providing accurate and efficient tracking and documentation of goods leaving a facility or warehouse. 

Demand Forcasting

By analyzing historical RFID data and customer purchasing patterns, businesses can gain insights into demand trends, optimize inventory levels, and improve supply chain responsiveness. This enables more efficient production planning, reducing stockouts or excess inventory.

Error Reduction

RFID is known for its ability to reduce errors and enhance accuracy in supply chain logistics. RFID facilitates accurate and efficient traceability of products throughout the supply chain. It enables automated data capture without the need for manual scanning or human intervention. 

Customer cases

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    Heineken Experience

    Mieloo & Alexander Renew Heineken Experience Merchandise Store With RFID Inventory and POS Solution. With ARC Cloud, Heineken Experience has been able to create a magical, self-checkout experience loved by its customers.

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    Bonprix new store concept: the future of shopping is here! This store delivers a brand new shopping experience to fashion lovers: an integration of the advantages of buying online and the experience of shopping in-store.

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