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Customer cases

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Fashion retailer

“How do you maximize sales if your inventory is only 70% accurate?” We are able to map the journey that products take within the store and stockroom in real-time and significantly increase inventory accuracy for this global fashion retailer.

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Heineken Experience

Mieloo & Alexander Renew Heineken Experience Merchandise Store With RFID Inventory and POS Solution. With ARC Cloud, Heineken Experience has been able to create a magical, self-checkout experience loved by its customers.

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Bonprix new store concept: the future of shopping is here! This store delivers a brand new shopping experience to fashion lovers: an integration of the advantages of buying online and the experience of shopping in-store.

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Implementing RFID technology in retail stores has resulted in numerous customer success cases. Retailers have experienced benefits such as improved inventory accuracy, reduced out-of-stock situations, streamlined operations, enhanced customer experience, increased sales, and improved overall profitability. These success stories highlight the value of RFID in transforming retail operations for the better.