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ARC Suite software for Retail Stores

Stock visibility, streamlined inventory management and optimized operations in one software application

ARC Suite is a RFID software for retail stores seeking effective RFID capabilities. It offers a suite of versatile, scalable, and enterprise-ready RFID applications designed specifically for retail operations. ARC Suite supports various retail store operations, including stock counting, product tracking, item authentication, and loss prevention. Our track & trace inventory system, powered by AutoID, RFID, and IoT technology, enables real-time tracking, automates stock counting, and boosts efficiency and profitability in the retail. It is a comprehensive RFID software solution tailored to meet the specific needs of retail businesses, empowering them to optimize their operations and drive success.

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ARC Cloud

Increase stock accuracy & sales with reliable Stock Data

Ensuring peak performance of the salesfloor is paramount for retailers. That's precisely why ARD Cloud steps in, elevating your inventory accuracy, streamlining goods receipt, expediting replenishments, and optimizing product presentation on your salesfloor. The outcome is a salesfloor that consistently stocks the products your customers desire, serving as a robust foundation for embracing an omnichannel retail strategy. Elevate your retail game by ensuring peak performance at all times with our ARC Cloud platform, an Iot platform that processes and stores data ingested from RFID middleware and client systems. It also applies business rules and provides reporting capability and dashboards.

Key functionalities:

  • Real-time item level inventory management and item locating
  • Refillin task management
  • Ready for omni-channel and digital customer journeys
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ARC Base

Our ARC Base offers a versatile and enterprise-ready RFID/AutoID middleware solution. It enables efficient data collection, advanced data processing, and remote monitoring and device management. Hardware agnostic, so it empowers you to effortlessly integrate RFID technology into your operations, unlocking a realm of possibilities for heightened efficiency and productivity.

Key functionalities:

  • Device management
  • Template based store readpoint configuration tools
  • Monitoring of hardware and services, incl. integration into client monitoring systems
  • Goods receiving for multi-stock owner stores
  • Store goods-out functionality
  • RFID data filtering and enhancing, business rule engine integrating with ARC Cloud
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ARC UI is a highly versatile framework that simplifies the development of user interfaces for both handheld and desktop applications. It leverages the ARC UI react native host app, which can be easily deployed on various devices, ensuring compatibility across multiple platforms. ARC UI offers seamless integration options with ARC Cloud or existing business systems. This integration enables businesses to leverage their existing infrastructure and extend its functionality using the ARC UI framework, ensuring a cohesive and streamlined user experience.

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ARC Mobile

ARC Mobile, part of the ARC Suite, empowers store associates with RFID technology for seamless store processes. With ARC Mobile, associates can effortlessly locate items for shoppers, generate tasks to retrieve items from the stockroom for customers, facilitate hands-free goods receiving, and efficiently respond to EAS alerts.

Key functionalities:

  • Mobile stock (team) counting
  • Product information
  • Item finder
  • Refilling task management
  • and more..