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Real-time in-store

Experience the future of retail with real-time in-store RFID!

This innovative technology effortlessly tracks and monitors products, assets, and customer behavior wirelessly. RFID tags, affixed to products or packaging, carry unique identification codes read by strategically placed RFID readers at entrances, exits, shelves, stockrooms, and checkout counters. As customers interact with products or move through the store, RFID captures and transmits real-time data, providing insights into product movement, availability, and status. This valuable information is accessible through a central system, empowering retailers with up-to-the-minute inventory levels, product locations, and customer behavior.

RFID real-time video

Stock Count

Real-Time and Accurate Inventory – save time, reduce labor costs, and minimize shrinkage and loss prevention

Item Finder

Improve staff efficiency, provide better service, and reduce out-of-stock situations by enabling real-time inventory visibility

Auto-generated Restock

Create optimal stock levels, improve product availability, and minimize the risk of human error

Product Information

Access quick and detailed product information, monitor stock levels, and personalize product recommendations

Dynamic Pricing

Real-time price adjustments, competitive pricing, maximize profits, target clearance, and promotional pricing strategies

Security Integration

In-store RFID helps deter theft, reduce shrinkage, and contributes to improved loss prevention efforts

Customer cases

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    Bonprix new store concept: the future of shopping is here! This store delivers a brand new shopping experience to fashion lovers: an integration of the advantages of buying online and the experience of shopping in-store.

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    Heineken Experience

    Mieloo & Alexander Renew Heineken Experience Merchandise Store With RFID Inventory and POS Solution. With ARC Cloud, Heineken Experience has been able to create a magical, self-checkout experience loved by its customers.

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    Fashion retailer

    “How do you maximize sales if your inventory is only 70% accurate?” We are able to map the journey that products take within the store and stockroom in real-time and significantly increase inventory accuracy for this global fashion retailer.

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