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The best customer journey

Do you want to offer the best customer journey, optimize the pre-shopping phase, offer recommendations, provide product information, enhance the in-store experience, or improve the checkout process?

By leveraging RFID and other technologies at various touchpoints, retailers can provide a smoother, more efficient, and tailored customer journey, enhancing the overall shopping experience and fostering customer loyalty, even after your customer leaves the store. We utilize the ARC Suite platform to create a complete digital shopping experience.

RFID customer journey video

Instore Experience

Enhance the instore experience with virtual shopping using RFID-enabled shopping carts or baskets, RFID readers that track selected items, and interactive displays

Smart Fitting Rooms

RFID-enabled mirrors or smart displays in fitting rooms can recognize the items customers bring inside and display complementary items, matching accessories, or alternative sizes available in-store

Dynamic Pricing

Adjusting prices in real-time based on various factors such as demand, inventory levels, competitor pricing, time of day, and customer behavior

Self Checkout

RFID readers instantly identify all items, generating an itemized bill, ensuring accurate pricing, and eliminating the need for manual scanning

Omnichannel Shopping

The RFID strategy enables retailers to provide their customers with a seamless experience across all channels, increasing customer retention and improving the quality of their sales transactions

Personalized Shopping

Retailers can use RFID data to gain insights into customers' preferences, enabling personalized marketing campaigns or targeted promotions for future interactions

Customer cases

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    Bonprix new store concept: the future of shopping is here! This store delivers a brand new shopping experience to fashion lovers: an integration of the advantages of buying online and the experience of shopping in-store.

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    Heineken Experience

    Mieloo & Alexander Renew Heineken Experience Merchandise Store With RFID Inventory and POS Solution. With ARC Cloud, Heineken Experience has been able to create a magical, self-checkout experience loved by its customers.

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    Fashion retailer

    “How do you maximize sales if your inventory is only 70% accurate?” We are able to map the journey that products take within the store and stockroom in real-time and significantly increase inventory accuracy for this global fashion retailer.

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