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Discover the power of RFID in real life

Are you interested in RFID for your stores? Do you want to experience the benefits firsthand? Schedule an appointment with us to visit the Heineken store together and discover the advantages firsthand. Contact us now to book your visit!

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Heineken x Mieloo and Alexander
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Heineken Experience: RFID in Action

The Heineken Experience aims to create an exceptional customer experience through a new merchandise store. Mieloo & Alexander has equipped this popular public shop with their RFID solution, improving inventory accuracy and making self-checkout easier than ever before.


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The Ultimate Customer Journey

In collaboration with Mieloo & Alexander, the brewery has implemented an innovative self-checkout and RFID-based inventory management system using the ARC Cloud platform. With RFID tags on every item and invisible gates, employees can track the movements of each item from receipt of goods to sale to the customer. The ARC Cloud platform facilitated the transition to digital self-checkouts, in collaboration with Prestop, the largest manufacturer of kiosks in the Benelux region. Handheld RFID scanners have reduced inventory time from days to minutes. RFID EAS gates at the store's exit ensure that all items are paid for before they leave.

RFID Total Solutions

Mieloo & Alexander, with over 20 years of experience in Supply Chain, Logistics, and Fashion Retail, has been at the forefront of UHF RFID technology since 2003. As a specialist in AutoID/RFID integration, the company enhances business processes through consultancy and practical solutions. With standard, configurable RFID tracking and inventory management solutions, complete with tags, gates, handheld scanners, and real-time insights, Mieloo & Alexander enables automation, process optimization, and data-driven decision-making for its clients.

Do you want to see the benefits of RFID for yourself? Schedule an appointment with us to visit the store together!

Terms for the RFID Retail Tour:
- The tour is exclusively intended for retailers for whom RFID technology is suitable. We will briefly discuss this in a telephone intake.