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It's our first priority to support people in their profesional life with our passion for high efficient RFID technology

Our goal

We support and coach fashion retailers with maximum inventory control by creating a transparent and high currancy view of the supply chain so that they can serve their customers even better, faster and more efficient! your goal is our goal: happy customers , an increased sales and work/staff efficiently!

Merchandise RFID total solutions for fashion stores

We offer standard, configurable solutions for both the fashion store and the supply chain. Our RFID solutions for Fashion & Apparel stores range from basic RFID handheld applications to the most sophisticated RFID overhead reader based systems:

RFID handheld applications
Simple and cost effective RFID handheld based solutions for inventory counting, item finding/locating, goods receipt, restocking and stock transfers.



RFID transition portal
Real-time stockroom inventory visibility to enable real-time restocking (replenishment from stockroom to sales floor) and to reduce NOSBOS (not on shelf but on stock).

Full RFID overhead reader solutions
Real-time, hands-free inventory for reliable omni-channel processes. Overhead RFID readers also enable real-time and hands-free locating of items in the store, hands-free receiving, full and real-time stock room visibility (immediate restocking and reduced NOSBOS) and plan-o-gram compliance.
Full overhead RFID readers also enable advanced analytics (items to dressing room that are not sold, customer movement patterns, etc.) as well as advanced customer interaction like dressing room reservations and inventory and location information on smartphones.

RFID enabled and smart integrated EAS, POS and self-checkout solutions

To improve loss protection, reduce queue time and provide real-time inventory updates.

RFID supported endless aisle and click-and-collect processes.

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RFID handeld applications 

Our RFID handheld solution is supported by a cloud-based server application, that we can integrate with your existing ERP or POS system. The actual inventory count by your employees using RFID handhelds, is compared real-time with the expected quantities in the ERP or POS. Any discrepancies can be corrected immediately by your employees by rejecting or approving the results.

Our RFID handheld solution also includes functionality for partial stock-takes, housekeeping, restocking alerts, team count, tag print from handheld, misplaced items search, and more.

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RFID transition portal

Throughout the working day, store employees move products from the stockroom to the sales floor and vice versa. To manually capture these movements is very inefficient and not really feasible in daily operations. As a result, no one knows for certain what the exact inventory numbers are in stockroom and on the sales floor. This makes effective, real-time restocking and reduction of NOSBOS nearly impossible.

Our unique, unobtrusive RFID transition portal automatically registers the movement of up to 200 RFID tagged items simultaneously “transitioning” through stockroom door, whilst ignoring the thousands of stationary RFID tags in the vicinity.